Sebastopol City Council

I am looking forward to talking with you as I walk door to door.

Vote November 6, 2018

Walking Door-to-Door

Dear Voter,

I know from fourteen years' experience on the Council how important it is to listen to our citizens. 

I am walking door-to-door to hear what each of you has to say. I want to learn what Sebastopol looks like to you from your front doorstep and how you experience our community.

If I've missed you or if you have another comment, please feel welcome to call or email me. Tell me the issues you face living here and the ideas you have to improve our town. 


We have seen many positive changes in town. We have challenges ahead: affordable housing, emergency preparedness, traffic, and parking. Working together we can address these challenges successfully.

Your participation will help us find the solutions.

As the longest-serving Council Member, I am proud of Sebastopol's accomplishments.

Please vote to re-elect me on November 6.

Very truly yours,

Sarah Glade Gurney

Sebastopol City Council Member

Candidate for City Council 2018

What people say about Sarah:

Jim Corbett

Sarah Gurney's approach to governing with cooperation and collaboration make her an ideal Council Member for Peacetown USA.

Geoffrey Skinner

I've worked with Sarah in the Sebastopol Walks Program for ten years, as well as on many other projects. She inspires conversation, rather than division. She is consistently the most thoughtful voice in the room and presents creative and inclusive ways to approach challenges.

Jude Kreissman

Sarah has been a a community builder and an environmental stalwart for fourteen years. She reflects Sebastopol's  values: sustainability, caring, civility. She is a great leader for our town.

Tasha Beauchamp

The Local 24 Sebastopol Shuttle is now free! And all thanks to Sarah and her creative thinking. From public transportation to zero waste, Sarah is always looking for innovative ways to help Sebastopol be as green as we can be. It’s a delight to work with her!

Michael Gillotti

Sarah was instrumental in the building of the Living Peace Wall across from the Plaza. We couldn’t have done it without her.  I’m forever grateful for her help.

Craig Litwin

I know Sarah's work because I served with her on the City Council. She prepares thoroughly, asks good questions, listens carefully to the public and her colleagues, finds common ground that no one else can see, and makes sound decisions for our community. 

More about Sarah

Bob Burke

I don’t get to vote for City Council because I live outside the City limits, but if I could, I’d vote for Sarah. I'm impressed with her intelligence, experience and bandwidth. I appreciate her support for the Sebastopol Community Apple Press run by Slow Food. We wouldn’t be able to keep the Apple Press going without Sarah’s advocacy. As a member of the greater Sebastopol community, I’m glad Sarah is willing to work on the Council, and I hope she continues for a good time longer.

Raini Sugg

Sarah has worked to create and maintain a healthy community for Sebastopol and the West County. Her support of The Laguna Foundation has added to the success of the Foundation’s efforts to restore our Internationally recognized wetland. We need her experience and voice.

Tim Forslund

"Sarah has been a long-time supporter of our Sister City program with Takeo City, Japan. She shares the values of international understanding and friendship. Her support has been key to the success of our program. Sarah is an advocate for our youth, and helps to promote the vision of Sebastopol World Friends- “world peace, one friend at a time”.

Gale Brownell

Sarah cares about people in our community, whatever issue is being considered. That's the best reason I know to re-elect her: to continue working to make a better Sebastopol. Sarah has supported housing appropriate for everyone in our community. Some parents and children don't live in their cars any longer because Sarah worked hard to house  them at Park Village.

Amie Windsor

I am happy to support Sarah because she helps young families like mine who want to stay here. Sarah advocates for workforce housing and growth that maintains Sebastopol’s small town appeal. She also works to make Sebastopol a more pedestrian-friendly and safe environment for families.  By leading the way during Council meetings, on Bike to Work Day, and Walk and Roll to School, Sarah is a champion for families like mine who want a safe alternative way to travel around our town. 

Sunny Galbraith

Sarah is accessible and responsive to constituents- always eager for input, approachable, and friendly. Sarah supports 350 Sonoma Zero Waste.  She has scheduled a Zero Waste Study Session with the Council to learn how to reduce waste and increase diversion to compost and recycling.  Also, I very much appreciate Sarah's efforts to create affordable housing in Sebastopol.  

And More

Brenda and Richard Nichols

Sarah exemplifies the concept of community service. She cares about keeping Sebastopol a healthy, safe place to live, and acts on those convictions. She is a great communicator and listener. Like all communities, Sebastopol has its problems, and Sarah is a leader in problem solving, always looking for solutions. We heartily endorse her.

Janice Gendreau

Sarah cares about our town and is always working to improve it for all of us. She has the vision, know-how, and energy to get things done. I enlisted her help to create a safe path for walkers and bicyclists along Ragle Road. With Sarah's leadership, the City and County submitted a grant application to Caltrans that will complete the network of trails around town and link us to the West County. 

Ted Luthin

Sarah has many unique qualities that make her invaluable to our community. She truly cares about this town and demonstrates that, not only by serving on the Council, but by actually serving the community: leading tours, volunteering, meeting people, and being available. She has incredible knowledge, seeks to understand the issues, and is open to new ideas. Seldom have I been so impressed by a community leader. 

Tui Wilschinsky

Sarah listens deeply, responds promptly, and has great heart.

Diana Rich

A vote for Sarah is a vote for Sebastopol. Sarah has our entire community  held close to her heart. She will always do what she feels is right and true for all of us. If you want what is best for Sebastopol, you'll vote for Sarah Gurney.

Trathen Heckman

I wish our communities had many more engaged citizens and leaders like Sarah. For over a decade, Daily Acts has partnered with the City, in significant part due to Sarah's leadership on projects like the Library/City Hall Landscape and at Park Village.  

Re-elect Sarah!

Your Vote for Sarah is a Vote for:

Affordable Housing

I support our efforts to build more houses and smaller ones. I will work to build Affordable Housing for the workforce and housing made more affordable by design. I hope to identify potential housing sites and reach out to development partners.

Emergency Preparedness

Our emergency responders need adequate funding , equipment, and training. I want our citizens to prepare to be self-supporting during a major disaster.

Responsible Government

I voted to approve a balanced budget, including a five-year forecast and adding to our reserves while preserving and enhancing City services. I work to connect our residents with the City staff member who can best assist them. I seek input from our citizens, study our complex issues, and ask questions of our staff so that we can make informed decisions for the community good.

Economic Vitality

I make every decision with Sebastopol's economic vitality and small town character in mind. It is important that we have as many services available here as we can so Sebastopol remains the "Hub of the West County." In collaboration with local groups and the City's outreach coordinator, I have initiated marketing campaigns for our unique town.

The Environment

I want our City government, businesses, and community to work toward Zero Waste and Zero Net Energy. I encourage all of us to use alternative transportation: walk when possible, bike if safe, and ride the FREE Local Shuttle #24. I seek funding to maintain and expand our Laguna Preserve. I recommend that our City work with the County and Caltrans to reduce traffic congestion downtown.

Proven Leadership

I have been honored to serve in leadership roles the City Council has selected me to be Mayor and Vice Mayor. I was elected Chair of the Sonoma County Transportation Authority and Regional Climate Protection Authority for two years. This year I led the Council in efforts such as the FREE Local Shuttle #24, the Bodega Avenue Safety Corridor, and the joint application with Fifth District Supervisor Linda Hopkins to improve Ragle Road.

How You Can Help

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Elect Sarah Gurney 2018

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Talk to Your Friends

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Host an Event

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